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Each team member is skilled, experienced, and licensed. Dignity and discretion are ensured in all settings. 


You ask, we answer, immediately.


Online, by phone, or by fax, we offer real time response and reporting.


Our radiologists and staff are committed to participative diagnostics to ensure care standards are always achieved.

Portable bedside X-Ray / EKG / Ultrasound

We are your Partner-for-Success

Where do we operate?

Using Texas Mobile Radiology, diagnostic exams are performed at the time and location directed by the patient or patient’s care team.

Why choose Texas Mobile Radiology?

Real time results. Increased physical safety. Improved care continuums. Reduced expense to patients, facilities, insurance & Medicare

Expertly Trained

Radiologists are Licensed, Board Certified, and credentialed through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and Texas Medical Board

Now offering
laboratory services 

Order laboratory services at Impact Health Labs where only the Gold Standard of testing is preformed.

Veteran Owned and Operated 

"We are former military leaders who continue to serve our communities"

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